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77-422 Create and Manage Presentations

As with other Office programs, you can create PowerPoint presentations from scratch or from a template. You can also create a presentation by importing a list of slide titles and content from another file. After creating a presentation, you can control its appearance not only by using themes and local formatting, but also by using slide masters, which are key to the efficient creation of consistently formatted presentations.

Traditionally, presentations are presented electronically. You can configure a presentation for someone else to play either locally or online, or you can configure it for you to pre- sent in person. You can also print presentations and various aspects thereof, either to provide all the information that is in the presentation, or to provide a convenient surface for audience members to follow along and take notes.

This chapter guides you in studying ways of creating presentations, applying themes, creating and modifying slide masters, and configuring properties, options, and slide shows.

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