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    Cache control header php tutorial >> [ Download ]

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    Controlling how web pages are cached is basically done using 2 kind of headers: Expires and Cache-Control. Using the Expire header is really simple.
    HTTP Headers; Pragma HTTP Headers (and why they don’t work); Controlling This tutorial focuses mostly on browser and proxy caches, although some of the .. PHP can be used as a CGI script on any Web server (Unix or Windows), or as
    10 Jan 2017 Yesterday I looked at how to control browser caching with Apache’s today look at how to set the caching/expiry time with headers in PHP to
    How to add Cache-Control to your site add Catch-Control to your files is the same way you add any headers to your server.
    7 Nov 2011 You might want to use private_no_expire instead of private , but set a long expiration for content you know is not going to change and make sure you process
    17 Apr 2018 HTTP cache headers can significantly improve the user experience of web browsers, making its implementation in web applications simple.13 Mar 2018 If you are just taking modern browsers into consideration, you need to set only “Cache-Control” and “ETag” headers. “Expires” and
    4 Oct 2018 Cache-Control is an HTTP cache header comprised of a set of Find answers, guides, and tutorials to supercharge your content delivery. of how to implement cache-control in Apache, Nginx, or within your PHP code.
    21 Dec 2018 This header caches content until it expires as specified. It will be . More information: Example:
    16 Mar 2007 The max-age header lets us say “This file expires 1 week from today”, (html|htm|php|cgi|pl)$”> Header set Cache-Control “max-age=0, private, Remember: Creating unique URLs is the simplest way to caching heaven.


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